The Big Bend Amateur Radio Club is based in Alpine, Texas and covers the entire Big Bend area of west Texas. The club is open to anyone interested in amateur radio activities.  Join us at our monthly meeting or on the air via one of our weekly nets.

Thanks Bill, KE5OG !

Bill provided a terrific presentation on operating DX, logging and contesting at our October meeting.  The many meeting attendants enjoyed a detailed program on chasing DX and good operating procedures.
Happy DX-ing!

October Newsletter now available here

Now operational…

echolinkiconEchoLink is now operating on the BBARC repeater system!
If you’re unfamiliar with EchoLink; please, get the full story at www.echolink.org.

Please note that all of the “default” EchoLink commands are available; however, to avoid conflict with other long established control codes in use on our system you MUST precede DTMF control codes with the asterisk (*) code to use them…
For example:
Connect from your radio to the EchoLink Test server via our repeater system you would ‘dial’ *9999. To disconnect the Echolink ‘dial’ *#.  All of the control codes can be found here; just remember to prefix the command with the * key on our system.   To connect to our system from an EchoLink client on a computer or smartphone look for our club call, K5FD-R or connect by our node #640127.

Happy EchoLink-ing!

Meeting Minutes Now online…

Approved Minutes from our monthly meetings are now available here online.  You may find them here or by selecting:
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