The Big Bend Amateur Radio Club is based in Alpine, Texas and covers the entire Big Bend area of west Texas. The club is open to anyone interested in amateur radio activities.  Join us at our monthly meeting or on the air via one of our weekly nets.

Special Invitation!

W5TSP and the Texas Star Party will host an open house for members of the Big Bend Amateur Radio Club (BBARC) Tuesday May 23rd from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at the Ham shack. BBARC Members wishing to attend must notify Allen, N5NYM to be placed on the attendance list so arrangements can be made for entry into TSP. Visitors will need to leave the ranch prior to the TSP Darkout. Call-in Freq: W5TSP repeater 442.8 pl110.9 (coverage limited to near the Prude Ranch), BBARC 146.62 pl146.2 and 146.52.

TSP Staff will meet you at the front gate and guide you to the Ham Shack. BBARC visitors will be invited to guest operate W5TSP using the FLEX 6700 and Maestro.

Repeater down…

147.020, Elephant Mountain is experiencing issues once again and has been temporarily disabled.

April Newsletter now available here

Meeting Minutes Now online…

Approved Minutes from our monthly meetings are now available here online.  You may find them here or by selecting:
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