Meeting of March 11, 2014

The meeting was attended by 7 members:

Rusty    KB5R   Alpine
Julianne KF5RDN Terlinqua
Chuck    KA5PVB Alpine
Rob      KE5KNQ Alpine
Dave     N5DO   Alpine
Bob      WA5ROE Alpine
Bill     W5NPR  Alpine

The meeting was called to order by President Bob Ward, WA5ROE at 7:30 p.m.

Treasurers Report: Angie, N5MVV was not present, Bob WA5ROE reported a starting balance of $5,276.65 with total deposits $1437.00 and total expenses $105.08, for an ending balance of $6088.47

Minutes of the February 11, 2014 meeting were read and accepted.

Old Business:

Cibolo Repeater 147.12 was discussed. The antenna needs to be redirected, as the repeater has approximately the same coverage, but not as good as previously.

It was discussed that the Twin Sisters 146.72 Repeater was down, and that a trip up the mountain was planned.

It was reported that the 145.23 Emergency Repeater was up and running.

Elephant Mountain 147.02 Repeater had received additional work, and that the Auto Patch was up and running.

Dave N5DO reported that a new Technician Class would be presented on Saturday April 12th and Saturday May 3rd.

Those present were reminded that SKYWARN was scheduled for April 16th in Fort Davis and April 17th in Alpine at the Sul Ross Science Building Room 201.

New Business:

Bob Ward had purchased a new 440 antenna for the 145.23 Emergency Repeater for $109.95. Chuck moved that reimbursement be made, seconded by Rusty KB5R. Motion approved.

The scheduled Midland Hamfest and West Texas Section Convention March 15th was discussed.

Dave N5DO presented the program and video of the 2006 ZL8R Raoul Island KEMA Expedition. Raoul Island is a possession of New Zealand.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.
Bill W5NPR, Secretary