Meeting of May 13, 2014

The meeting was attended by 12 members and two guests:

KE5OG  Bill  Alpine
WA5ROE Bob   Alpine
W5NPR  Bill  Alpine
N5DO   Dave  Alpine 
KA5PVB Chuck Alpine
W5DWI  Dick  Alpine
W5JUW  Lori  Alpine
KC5KBO Nick  Houston
KG5BMK Chuck Terlingua
       Cathy Terlingua
KM5VM  Barb  Alpine
N5MVV  Angie Fort Davis
KF5KMB Polly Alpine
K5AHI  Bob   Alpine

The meeting was called to order by Bob WA5ROE at 7:30 PM.

Minutes of April 8, 2014 meeting were read and approved.

Angie N5MVV presented the Treasurer’s Report and reported an end of month balance of $4,803.13 It was discussed that the bills to be paid included electricity: $55.64; and telephone: $27.01. Chuck KA5PVB moved to approve, second by Bill KE5OG. Financial Report approved.

Dave N5DO reported that after Technician classes, six were tested and passed, and that two more would be tested on May 17th. It was further discussed that Dave had purchased 8 license manuals and was due a reimbursement of $154.00. Motion made and seconded by Chuck KA5PVB and Dick W5DWI. Motion approved.

It was reported that 99 contestants entered the Fort Davis CycleFest race. There were no accidents, but high winds made racing conditions very difficult.

Bob WA5ROE reported that Skywarn Training was attended by thirty plus and that the program was well presented and informative.

Bob WA5ROE reported that he had worked with Charles N5PVL on digital modes and that the repeater at Livermore was up and running with a frequency of 444.95, with a PL Tone of 162.2 and + shift. This provides a link to West Texas Connection.

Chuck KA5PVL took orders for Field Day tee shirts, caps, mugs, etc. The program for next month would deal with Field Day issues.

Dave N5DO presented a program on DXPedition of the year 2011-2012, HK0NA Malpedo Island.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Bill W5NPR, Secretary