Meeting of September 9, 2014

The meeting was attended by 13 members and 3 Guests:

KB5R   Rusty    Alpine
KF5PZW Casey    Alpine
KF5RDN Julianne Terlingua
KE5EIE Max      Alpine
WA5ROE Bob      Alpine
W5NPR  Bill     Alpine
W5RHN  Bob      Ft Davis
K5FRN  Fran     Ft Davis
KF5LZT Jed      Alpine
KG5BNK Chuck    Terlingua
KG5CGR Kathy    Terlingua
NF5FF  Steve    Alpine
KM5VM  Barb     Alpine
NW5M   Mike     Alpine
KE5OG  Bill     Alpine
N5DO   Dave     Alpine

The meeting was called to order by Bob WA5ROE at 7:30 PM.
Minutes of August 12, 2014 meeting were read and approved.
Angie N5MVV was not present however Bob WA5ROE reported the end of month balance from the bank statement as $5217.95.

It was discussed that there were several repeater issues, including battery problems on 146.92 in the Glass Mountains; 146.82 on Christmas Mountains was totally down and battery problems were assumed. The possibility of installing the 145.23 emergency repeater was discussed.
A continued discussion occurred on the possibility of having a PSA operating location at the South county EOC.

The possibility of a South County car pool to McDonalds Observatory for the October Meeting.  The program would be a tour and update on the improvements to the Hobby-Eberly telescope by Jim KD5KBU. Everyone wishing to tail gate to Mount Locke should meet at the West Texas National Bank parking lot for a 6:30 PM departure. Others can meet at the Hobby-Everly site at 7:30 PM.

It was further discussed that the November meeting would be on the January Buena-Suerte 50 mile Ultra Run, and that the December meeting would be the 40th anniversary celebration of the
Big Bend ARC.

The program was presented by Mike NW5M on the upcoming Amateur RADIO International Health Services trip to the Honuras in February. It was discussed that the number of medical teams would be increased for this trip, and efforts to recruit more ham radio operators was in

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.
Bill W5NPR, Secretary