Meeting of November 11, 2014

The meeting was attended by 18 members and guests

KF5RDN Julianne Terlingua
WA5ROE Bob      Alpine
KG5BMK Chuck    Terlingua
KG5CGR Cathy    Terlingua
KM5VM  Barb     Alpine
N5MVV  Angie    Fort Davis
KA5PVB Chuck    Alpine
W5NPR  Bill     Alpine
KE5KNQ Rob      Alpine
W5RHN  Bob      Fort Davis
N5DO   Dave     Alpine
WA5JBG Jim      Alpine
K5FRN  Fran     Fort Davis
KE5OG  Bill     Alpine
W5JUW  Lora     Alpine
W5DWI  Dick     Alpine
W5ATO  Bill     Alpine
WA5MHO Dean     Alpine

The meeting was called to order by Bob WA5ROE at 7:30 PM.

Minutes of September 9th and October 14th meetings were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Angie N5MVV reported $5,484.51 in club account.

Old Business:

Bill W5ATO reported that the Christmas Mountain repeater (146.82) went down again. He and Doug N5HYD both feel that the problem might be due to the power amplifier being faulty. This may also be the problem with the 146.82 repeater as its output is reported to be noisy at times.
Cibolo Creek repeater (145.23), Elephant Mountain (l147.02), Twin Sisters (146.72), and McDonald Observatory (146.62) all are working okay.

Chuck KG5BMK reported that the acquisition of a site at the EOC in South Brewster County (Terlingua) is still being considered by their County Commission.

New Business:

The Marathon-To-Marathon race event was successfully handled by six local club members, despite having only two days notice. The Elephant Mountain repeater (147.02) covers that race course nicely.

Dave N5DO reports that our club member Jim Cook K5DF is suffering from stomach cancer and has refused treatments. He is currently in good spirits, but quite weak and sleeping a lot.
Jim would like the club to take his call-sign. The club will probably start a “contest club” in order to retain the AD5BB call we already use. Barb KM5VM moved we accept Jim’s call-sign and 2nd was by Bob W5RHN. Motion passed.

This year’s Santa Net will be held on December 11th from 5-7 PM with Bill KE5OG acting as Santa and Dean WA5MHO as alternate Santa. Event will be organized by Kristi and Rob KE5KNQ.

Suerte 50 Race will be held at Big Bend State Park. The park is very “primitive” and some roads  are only single foot paths. Roads are rocky and difficult even for a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The San Antonio Radio Club will also be helping out with this event. Most station operators will
need to camp-out overnight as the race starts at 5:30 AM when it’s still dark (local sunrise is  about 8:00 AM). The Texas State Park is the Incident Command for the race and the two radio clubs will be acting in a supporting role.

Present secretary was asked about his recent shoulder replacement surgery and he reported he was “OK”.

Bob WA5ROE selected a nominating committee of Bill W5NPR, Rob KE5KNQ, and Dave N5DO who will report to us at the December meeting with a slate of officers for 2015.

Dave N5DO reported the “official” results of our Field Day event in June. We were participants of 392 entries in the 2A category (2 transmitters + GOTA station and 6 meter station). Overall we finished 6th NATIONALLY!!! This is our ALL-TIME BEST with 2,979 QSO’s and
9,560 points. WAIT ‘TIL NEXT YEAR!

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Chuck Dobbins KA5PVB
filling in for Bill W5NPR