Meeting of April 14, 2015

The meeting was attended by 16 members and one guest:

KE5OG  Bill  Alpine
WA5ROE Bob   Alpine
W5NPR  Bill  Alpine
N5DO   Dave  Alpine 
KD5KBU Jim   Fort Davis
KG5BMK Chuck Terlingua
NF5FF  Steve Alpine
N5MVV  Angie Fort Davis
KE5KNQ Rob   Alpine
KM5VM  Barb  Alpine
W5JUW  Lora  Alpine
W5DWI  Dick  Alpine
KA5PVB Chuck Alpine
KK5ROB Robin Alpine
W5JSR  Steve Alpine
W4PBD  Dave  Alpine
N5NYM  Allen Alpine

The meeting was called to order by Bill KE5OG.

Minutes of February 10th and March 10th, 2015 meetings were read and approved.

Angie N5MVV presented the Treasurer’s Report and reported that the end of April balance was

Old Business:

The possibility of adding EchoLink to the BBARC repeater system, which had been discussed
at the February meeting, was further discussed. It was mentioned that informal conversations on EchoLink in other areas at the time of local emergencies could be a problem. Other details need
to be worked out before a final decision is made.

Jim KD5KBU reported on Hammerfest in Fort Davis, reporting 100 plus participants and no
major problems or injuries.

It was discussed that Barb KM5VM had the keys to the Double Diamond Pavilion in hand,
and that the Meriwether family had suggested visiting the site in advance to determine what
plumbing and/or electrical problems might need to be addressed. It was suggested that the
visit to the pavilion be scheduled at the May business meeting.

New Business:

Dave N5DO reported classes were being held at Terlingua with testing to be scheduled for May 7th. It was discussed that this was the first set of classes and testing to be held in Terlingua and
South Brewster County.

Other items discussed were the repeater system solar panels, and Tex KA5Y reported that the
South County weather link was not functional.


Steve NF5FF presented the program on Repeater Systems, discussing the differences in simplex
and duplex equipment and the operations of each.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Bill Roberts W5NPR, Secretary