Meeting of May 12, 2015

The meeting was attended by 14 members and one guest:

WA5ROE Bob   Alpine
N5DO   Dave  Alpine 
KE5KNQ Rob   Alpine
KM5VM  Barb  Alpine
W5JUW  Lora  Alpine
W5DWI  Dick  Alpine
KA5PVB Chuck Alpine
W4PBD  Dave  Alpine
N5NYM  Allen Alpine
W5NPR  Bill  Alpine
N5MVV  Angie Fort Davis
WA5MHO Dean  Alpine
KB5R   Rusty Alpine
KF5LZT J.T.  Alpine

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by V.P. Chuck Dobbins KA5PVB filling in for
President Bill KE5OG who was out of town.

Minutes of the April 14th meeting were read and approved with corrections.

Treasurer’s Report-Angie N5MVV reported $5,057.24 in the club account.

Old Business:

EchoLink – N5DO reported that Doug N5HYD does not have the equipment necessary for
installation of the system. A computer will be needed for 24hr/7day operation and a 2 meter
transceiver. KB5R questions the 24 hour unattended computer operation that could result
in many problem transmissions collected by it.
AngieN5MVV reports that Doug N5HYD has looked into the EchoLink issue and has the
computer programs and equipment ready if the club wants to implement it. Angie agreed
to get more information from Doug and present it at our June meeting.

New Business:

Barb KM5VM reports she has been given the keys to the Double Diamond Pavilion and that
we need to visit the site before Field Day to check out the plumbing and electrical needs. We
scheduled Saturday, June 6th at 10:00 AM to meet at the pavilion to inspect and determine
needs for our Field Day event. We voted to have Tuesday, June 26th as our “pre-event”
clean-up and preparation for Field Day.
Last year we were part of the 392entries in the 2A category (2 transmitters + GOTA station
and 6 meter station) and overall we finished 6th NATIONALLY!!!! This is our ALL-TIME
BEST with 2,979 QSO’s and 9,560 points.

On May 7th we had four people take the Technician Test in Terlingua and all passed the test.
Also, John KG5BYY and John KG5GBO both passed their General Class test. Allen N5NYM
went from Tech to Extra Class in 2 weeks! A hearty congratulations to all of our new hams!

Business Meeting adjourned at 7:52 PM.

Dave N5DO passed out ARES information sheets that we currently have on file for us to
make any changes (address, phone numbers, etc.) to update our files. Updated e-mail
addresses emphasized! Dave also passed out copies of our current calling tree and proposed
that we consider building up calling trees for Alpine, South Brewster County and Jeff Davis
County to assist with local issues.

Dave N5DO reported that there is an ARES net on 3.873 Khz on Mondays at 7:30 PM.

Past member Jim K5FD (SK) requested the K5FD call-sign and we received it from the FCC.

Dave N5DO reported that Julianne KF5RDN and he are discussing holding a Technician
training class in the Presidio area in the future.

Meeting adjourned at 8:26 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Dobbins KA5PVB
filling in for Bill W5NPR