Meeting of March 22, 2016

The meeting was attended by 11 members and approximately 25 guests:

WA5ROE Bob    Alpine
W5NPR  Bill   Alpine
KE5KNQ Rob    Alpine
N5DO   Dave   Alpine
N5NYM  Allen  Alpine
KA5PVB Chuck  Alpine
KX5SP  Steve  Alpine
KB5R   Rusty  Alpine
KF5LXT Robert Hutto
KF5KNQ Rob    Alpine
KI5ZQ  Ken    Fort Davis

The meeting was the annual SKYWARN session presented by Rick Lujan of the Midland office of the National Weather Service. He presented weather stastics, weather events in the recent past, cloud formations and types, storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, down bursts, lightning and the dangers present for each category of hazardous weather. He discussed the recommended location of storm chasers, stressing that 3-5 miles southeast of tornado producing cloud formations is generally the best location, but that escape routes must also be considered. The SPOTTER HOTLINE was announced as 1-800-597-3320 and encouraged the use of the line to inform the NWS of weather events, stating complete and accurate information as to location, time, date and type of event.

The SKYWARN Session began at 7:00 PM and ended shortly before 9:00 PM. Sessions were also scheduled for Wednesday March 23 in Fort Davis, Thursday March 24 in Van Horn and Tuesday March 29 in Marfa.
Bill Roberts W5NPR, Secretary