146.720 Inspection 4-JUNE-2016

146.720 Alpine Repeater Inspection Visit

Filed by: w5ato



ISSUE: Storms and high winds have passed through the area. An inspection was made to determine that equipment was in good physical condition.

The antennas for the 146.720 site are mounted in a 5-gal paint bucket, filled half way with concrete with a 1-1/4” mast stub. A 5 foot mast is set on the stub. The 2-meter antenna is mounted at the top of the mast and the 440 antenna is mounted just below that. The mast is guyed with parachute cord, to three other 5-gal paint buckets filled with local rocks.

All equipment was in good condition and all buckets, guy ropes and antennas were in good shape. No problem issues were found.

CURRENT STATE OF SITE: Fully functional as designed.

FOLLOW UP ACTIONS: None at this time.

FUTURE PLANS: At some point we want to replace the antenna mounting system with a more permanent installation with a little more height. For certain we will want to drive in some guy anchor rods. With anchors in place we can move to about 20 feet of mast or tower sections. This should get the antennas at or above the scrub oaks, possibly adding a little stronger signal and extending the fringe area of coverage by a small percentage.