Meeting of June 14, 2016

The meeting was attended by 11 members and guests:

WA5ROE  Bob    Alpine
W5NPR   Bill   Alpine
N5NYM   Allen  Alpine
W5DWI   Dick   Alpine
W5JUW   Lora   Alpine
KA5PVB  Chuck  Alpine
KB5R    Rusty  Alpine
KG5HEJ  Al     Terlingua
KE5OG   Bill   Alpine
N5MVV   Angie  Fort Davis
KG5BMK  Chuck  Terlingua

The meeting was called to order by Chuck KA5PVB at 7:30 PM.

The minutes of the May meeting were read and approved.

Angie N5MVV presented the Financial Statement, reporting an end-of-month balance of $3,897.32.

In a general discussion on the development of the new website, it was discussed that the BBARC membership can be hidden in an area under Password Protection. Also discussed was a Forum area, with several club members selected to contribute content. Allen N5NYM was praised for the excellent work he has done on the construction of the website.

It was discussed that the trailer that was donated with the Communication RV was still at Barb’s KM5VM residence.

It was reported that batteries for the Christmas Mountain 146.82 Repeater Site, approved at the May BBARC meeting, had been purchased, but not yet installed.

A letter from Jeff Davis County was presented and read, allowing Pafoofnik Enterprises the permission to use the County’s Polaris Ranger 6X6 ATV to maintain the BBARC repeater system.

Chuck KG5BMK reported that a Technician Exam testing session would be given at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning of Field Day weekend. A discussion on books and payments followed. Bob WA5ROE moved to buy books and then resale to those needing them, second by Bill KE5OG, motion approved.

Bill KE5OG presented the program on Field Day, reporting that BBARC would operated as a 2A station. He discussed scoring, bonus points, power generation by generators plus solar charged batteries. Setup for field day could begin Thursday evening at 7:00 PM, but with no more than 24 accumulated hours of total setup time. Field Day officially begins Saurday June 25 through Sunday June 26th. Meals were discussed with a charge of $30.00 for all who eat Field Day food, payable to Bob Ward. It was discussed that the Jeff Davis County Emergency Antenna trailer would be used, as well as BBARC antenna trailer and the BBARC Communication RV. He emphasized that Field Day is a hotly contested, non-contest!

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Bill Roberts W5NPR, Secretary