2-Meter Net Report June 2016

The 2 meter Net meets Wednesday evenings at 8:00 local time on the clubs repeater network These are good training grounds for possible future emergency situations, as well as helping new hams have an easy way to get use to “talking on the radio”.

This site has all the information about the 2 meter net. We have included the Net Control members schedule, the “script” (supplied as a guide to ensure that the important info is given out weekly) and a list of recent check-in members. ALSO, THE REMAINDER OF THE YEARS SCHEDULE IS ALSO POSTED FOR YOUR VIEWING!

If you would like to become a Net Control Station give me a call (432/837-2257) or call me before or after the Wednesday evening net has taken place.

The month of June had five (5) Wednesdays in it went this way:
June 1 14 KA5PVB
June 8 14 KG5BKM *
June 15 13 KG5LMG *
June 22 13 W5NPR
June 29 16 KF5KMA (fill-in for N5BBJ)

* these two (2) members were FIRST TIMER’S as Net Control Stations on the net and both did a very good job (Kathy – KG5CGR was logging for Chuck – KG5BMK during his initial attempt, and Bruce – N5BBJ was sitting along-side of Marvin – KG5LMG to assist him with his initial attempt.
Many thanks to both Kathy and Bruce for their assistance in making the first attempt as easy as possible!!!

Hope everyone has a very safe and sane 4th of July.


Chuck Dobbins – KA5PVB
2 meter Net Manager

Author: Chuck Dobbins

2m Net Manager