146.920 Repeater, July 10, 2016

146.920 Glass Mountains Repeater

Filed by: w5ato


Crew; N5HYD, KB5R, W5ATO

ISSUE: Site has lost link to BBARC hub

Why the hub link to the 92 site went down and could not be re-established could not be determined. It seemed a power recycling of the link radio may have been what restored normal operation. These particular radios are somewhat unpredictable when voltage levels become unstable.

CURRENT STATE OF SITE: Fully functional as designed. The link to the BBARC repeater system has been restored.

While on site, a change was made to the link radio to the West Texas Connection repeater system which we use for the region wide emergency link to connect us to Midland/Odessa. In the past we had linked that radio to the WTC repeater at the Notrees. That has now been changed to link to the Odessa WTC repeater hub. We now hear no extra repeater drops that tell us we are linked to the WTC, and the audio is much better.

FOLLOW UP ACTIONS: We will, in the future, add some type of tone, courtesy beep, or something that will let us know when the WTC is linked to the BBARC system.