146.920 Repeater, July 13, 2016

146.920 Glass Mountains Repeater

Filed by: w5ato


Crew; No trip.

ISSUE: Site has lost link to BBARC hub again.

Shortly before the weekly 2-meter net we lost the link from the 146.920 repeater site to our BBARC System hub. Once again we have been unable to restore it remotely.

CURRENT STATE OF SITE: The 146.920 repeater is functioning but is NOT linked to our system. It does seem to be linked just fine to the West Texas Connection system.

FOLLOW UP ACTIONS: The exact problem has still not been identified. It is likely that we have a bad link radio. It is also possible we may have a problem with the controller. It is going to require at least one or two more trips to the site, and possibly some, “try this and see what fails where the next time,” steps before the exact problem can be pin-pointed.

It will be some time before anyone can schedule another trip, but we hope to get to the site within the next 3 to 4 weeks.