Meeting of December 13, 2016

The meeting was attended by 18 members and guests:

KA5PVB Chuck   Alpine
WA5ROE Bob     Alpine
W5NPR  Bill    Alpine
N5NYM  Allen   Alpine
KE5WCP Stephen Fort Davis
N5MVV  Angie   Fort Davis
KB5R   Rusty   Alpine
KG7KQP Tom     Alpine
K5AHI  Bob     Alpine
KF5KMB Polly   Alpine
KG5BMK Chuck   Terlingua
W5JUW  Lora    Alpine
W5DWI  Dick    Alpine
KX5SP  Steve   Alpine
K1RAB  Richard Marathon
KE5OG  Bill    Alpine
KG5OJV Nancy   Terlingua
N5JOE  Jim     Alpine

The meeting was called to order by Chuck KA5PVB at 7:30 PM.

The minutes of the November 8, 2016 meeting were read and approved after a motion by Rusty KB5R and second by Allen N5NYM.

Angie N5MVV presented the Treasurer’s Report with an end of month balance of $4201.58.

It was reported that the batteries purchased for 146.82 had not yet been installed. It was discussed that an attempt was being made to arrange for a helicopter to deliver the batteries to Christmas Mountain, and at the same time, coordinate with the Terlingua Medics to make battery changes as well. It was also discussed that new batteries for Christmas Mountain, that are lighter and easier to handle, should be purchased and to save batteries already in hand for an easier site. Allen N5NYM moved to spend up to $600.00 on batteries, second by Rusty KB5R. Motion passed.

It was reported that the duplexer on Elephant Mountain had been repaired and reinstalled. It was discussed that the two antennas on Elephant Mountain were too close togather and should be separated.

It was reported that the Santa Net went well, although cold weather may have limited participation. Approximately 12 children talked with Santa via 2-meter radio.

The Nominating Committee presented the following list of officer nominees: President Allen N5NYM; Vice-Pesident Bill KE5OG; Treasure Angie N5NVV; and Secretary Bill W5NPR. No other nominations were presented and the nominees were elected after a motion by Rusty KB5R and a second by Dick W5DWI.

The program was the annual silent auction of surplus radio equipment, books, baked goods and miscellaneous items.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Bill Roberts W5NPR, Secretary