2-Meter Net Report, February 2017

Our 2 meter net meeting EVERY Wednesday at 8:00 PM (local time) on the clubs repeater system network. These are good training ground for possible emergency situations, as well as helping the new hams in the area to have an easy way to get use to “talking on the radio”.

The club website (www.bigbendarc.com) has ALL the information on the 2 meter net. Included is the Net Control members schedule, until year end, the “script” (supplied ONLY as a guide to ensure the important information is given out weekly – you can use it anyway you see fit) and a list of the recent check-in members.

If you have an interest in joining the Net Control stations please call me (432/837-2257) or holler at me during the Wednesday evening net (either before or after the net).

The month of February had four (4) Wednesdays in it and it went this way:

February 1  20         KA5PVB
February 15 17         KG5LMG
February 22 17         N5BBJ
 54 total check-ins for February

With fall season here now, everyone is busy, and if you don’t have the time to check-in to the net and stick around for the round-table discussion, take a minute of your time and check-in as an “in-and-out” (where you’re there for the head count but don’t have the time to participate). All participation is much appreciated and encouraged.

Any of the new hams in the community, if you have questions or problems with trying to get radios and antennas set-up feel free to bring them up during the net. We May not have the answer right of the cuff, but somebody can find the info and get back with you shortly!

During the month of February the net had check-ins from the following hams on our Echo-Link System:
W5RHN – Bob and K5FRN – Fran from San Antonio, TX.
W5JSR – Steve and KK5ROB – Robin from Phoenix, AZ.
K4AAA – Ron from Connor, NC. (near Raleigh, NC)
KD5KC – Mike in El Paso, TX.
W5MJF – Mike in Tyler, TX.
KG5DW – Don in Denton, TX.
N5DPG – David in Wimberly, TX. (N.E. of San Antonio, TX.)
*** it’s always interesting where our Echo-Link check-in reside and how they came to find out about us out here!

73’s and hope to talk to you soon.

Chuck Dobbins – KA5PVB
2-meter Net Manager

Author: Chuck Dobbins

2m Net Manager