Meeting of March 14, 2017

Minutes of Meeting

March 14, 2017

The meeting was attended by 14 members and guests:

KA5PVB Chuck   Alpine
W5NPR  Bill    Alpine
N5NYM  Allen   Alpine
KE5WCP Stephen Fort Davis
KB5R   Rusty   Alpine
KE5OG  Bill    Alpine
KD5KBU Jim     Fort Davis
KG5LMG Marvin  Fort Davis
K5EIE  Max     Alpine
K5WSA  Bill    Fort Davis
       Judi    Fort Davis
WA5ROE Bob     Alpine
KX5SP  Steve   Alpine
N5DO   Dave    Victoria/Alpine

The meeting was called to order by Allen N5NYM at 7:30 PM.

The minutes of the January 10, 2017 meeting were read and approved after a motion by Rusty KB5R and second by Dean WA5MHO. The minutes for the February 21, 2017 Skywarn meeting were read and approved after a motion by Chuck KA5PVB and second by Jim KD5KBU.

Angie N5MVV was not present and no financial statement was presented.

It was reported that Marvin KG5LMG had taken the EXTRA Class license test prior to the meeting, and had passed the test. Congratulations to Marvin for a job well done.

Old Business:
Allen N5NYM reported that attendance at The BBARC annual banquet and the Skywarn meeting had been excellent, and praised those who had supported the two events. He also thanked Bob WA5ROE and Jim KD5KBU and all volunteers for their work with the Big Bend Ultra Run. It was reported that the race route and the location of the emergency repeater had made communications a challenge.

It was reported that the Elephant Mountain 147.02 repeater was still disabled due to interference problem. A future trip was planned to increase separation of the two antennas. It was noted that 448.00 was still operative and a usable alternative.

It was reported that a trip to the 146.82 repeater on Christmas Mountains was planned the following weekend. The trip agenda included a site survey with possible gate lock issues, install correct CWID in the repeater, disable CWID in controller, attempt to locate and remove diode junctions, determine battery condition with new battery swap in mind and post license.

It was discussed that the Midland Ham Fest and West Texas Section convention would be held in Midland on March 18th.
New Business:
It was discussed that the Texas Star Party was scheduled for May 23rd from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Those planning to attend should RSVP to Allen.

It was discussed that Tim DuffeyK3LR & DX Engineering was a possible future contesting presentation.

Allen N5NYM announced that a committee would clear out the BBARC storage unit so that the rental expense could be eliminated. It was discussed that Rusty KB5R was interested in purchasing the antenna for space contacts and had offered $200.00. Chuck KA5PVB moved to accept offer, Max K5EIE seconded. Motion approved.

Rusty KB5R also expressed an interest in purchasing the club az/el antenna and rotar.

Jim KD5KBU announced that the annual Hammerfest Bicycle event was scheduled for April 1-2. Volunteers were needed for both days, with Sunday April 2nd requiring the most volunteers. Those able to support the event were asked to contact Jim.

Max K5EIE brought to the meeting many ham radio related items, announcing that he is moving to the Philippine Islands and that items were available. He did request any proceeds go to the BBARC.

The program was presented by Bill KE5OG on Propagation and its effects on ham radio operations. He discussed the Ionosphere, the Indices, including solar flux, the a-index and the k-index, the ARRL Propagation Report, the grey line, and the tools for determining propagation at any particular time, the good and bad days for contesting and DX operations and things related. It was well presented program.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Bill Roberts W5NPR, Secretary