Christmas Mountain Recon Trip

12 Aug 2017
Repair Trip – Site Went Down During Storm
  • D.C. SYSTEM:
    • Lightning damagr.
    • No LED indications on Sunsaver SS-20L-12V #08151515 Charge Controller. Unit later showed failure of open circuit during continuity test of points 3 to 1 to 5. These are the negative terminals points and should all show continuity to each other. Replaced with Sunsaver ss-20L012V #09499269?
    • 2 or 3 solar panels fried. Only had time to remove all but one working panel from system. 1.7 amps into 4.0 VDC
    • Batteries at 4.0 Vdc. Up to 4.5 or so after hooking up one panel.
    • Replace multiple adapters at Duplexer to antenna coax junction with a UHF-F to N-M.
  • SITE:
    • Posted license.
    • Left with batteries slowly charging and hoping the site may come on-line while we lick our wounds.