Meeting of June 12, 2018

Minutes of meeting
June 12, 2018

The meeting was attended by 17 members and guests.

N5NYM     ALLEN            ALPINE
KA5PV     CHUCK            ALPINE
KE5OG     BILL             ALPINE
KG5LMK    MIKE             FT. DAVIS
K5WSA     BILL             FT.DAVIS
KG5ZIB    JUDI             FT.DAVIS
KG7KQP    TOM              ALPINE
W5SKJ     JUDY              
N3PQ      DAVID             
N5MVV     ANGIE            FT. DAVIS
KG5LTE    SCOTT (and son)  ALPINE
WA5MHU    DEAN             ALPINE
KX5SP     STEVE            ALPINE
K5AHI     BOB              ALPINE

Meeting was called to order at 7:29 PM by President – Allen Moore – N5NYM.

Minutes of the May 18th meeting were read and approved with corrections by Rusty – KB5R and seconded by Tom – KG7KQP.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Angie – N5MVV that we have $6,958.64 in the bank account with one more insurance payment due on the club’s RV.

Old Business-
The pending bike race to be held along the Hwy 170 route across Presidio and Brewster counties, discussion was tabled to a later meeting as KD5KBU was not in attendance.

Tom – KG7KQP discussed a raffle for the club to hold as a funds raiser, as they are very successful if the club can sell the 300 tickets! Dawson @ Tru-Value says it will cost the club $800 for a Rugar AR-596 rifle and case, plus cost of getting tickets printed up to sell. Tom suggested that the winning ticket could be drawn during our September meeting. Selling the 300 tickets at $10 each would net the club about $2200 for our treasury! Tom recommended we have 2 raffles per year to raise needed funds.

Discussion – Scott KG5LTE said raffles by the VFW group were mostly 3 item packages with 3 winners drawn and the first winner got their first choice of the 3 items,  second winner second choice, etc. He also questioned whether or not a person not  allowed to have a gun could buy a ticket, and possibly get the club into trouble with the law! Tom said, a “disclaimer” could be printed on the tickets to cover our liability.

Another suggestion made was to offer a choice of 3 guns (rifle, shotgun or pistol) with the winner getting his choice.

Also, if we sell raffle tickets at Tru-Value, we need to have the club’s RV parked out front so people will tie the ticket sales to our club!

Tom’s motion for a raffle was tabled for a future meeting.

New Business –
Bill – KE5OG asked Angie – N5MVV if the club’s insurance covered our Repeater Sites radios and equipment and she said “not currently”! Bill said he will contact ARRL about coverage”.

Bill – KE5OG presented a plaque to outgoing President – Allen Moore N5NYM to thank him for his outstanding leadership/service to our club. Allen will be moving the the Port Lavaca, TX. area soon as their house has been sold. Our current Vice President – KG5LMG-Marvin  will step-in to become our new President immediately.

Bill – KE5OG discussed our Field Day results from 2017, 2A class, WTX section, W5JSR GOTA station and 6 meters stations totaled 6,714 points and additionally 180 bonus points for a total of 7,894 points. With 18 participants, we finished 15th out of 383 entries in that class!

This year we will again be a 2A Class with 3 K3 stations (SSB, CW and GOTA). The Double Diamond location building out front is being rented so placement of the CW station (in the club RV) location is “up-in-the-air”.

Bill – W5ATO will get the Jeff Davis tower/generator trailer for the event. Meals will be $30 per person or $40 for family, and Bob – WA5ROE needs our RSVP’s  and money by Monday the 18th! Raw materials (food) needs to be purchased!

Bill – KE5OG ran through a checklist of what’s needs to be done for the bonus points that the ARRL offers.

This year Rusty – KB5R will act as our Safety Officer.

We will start on Thursday at 7:00 PM to layout the antennas and make sure we have “all the parts”. Actual assembly will start Friday morning and runs up until event starts on Saturday at 1:00 PM. FT8 mode will be on our 6 meter station, as it’s better that SSB or CW!

Our Echo-Link station is moving from Allen – N5NYM to Bill – KE5OG QTH!

Meeting was adjourned by NEW President Marvin – KG5LMG at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Dobbins – KA5PVB
filling in for secretary Bill – W5NPR