Meeting of February 11, 2020

The meeting was attended by 13 members and guests.

W5NPR                             BILL                          ALPINE
KE5WCP                           STEPHEN                 FORT DAVIS
N5JOE                                JIM                              ALPINE
WA5POK                          MIKE                          ALPINE
KM4TYV                           SHERYL                      ALPINE
AI4BA                                DAVID                         ALP[INE
KD5KBU                            JIM                 FORT DAVIS
KG5ZIC                              PAMELA                    FORT DAVIS
KI5ANQ                             SCOTT                       TERLINQUA 
WA5ROE                           BOB                            ALPINE
KA5PVB                            CHUCK                      ALPINE  
KI5EXF                              SHARON                    ALPINE
KG5LMK                           MIKE                          FORT DAVIS

Meeting was called to orr at 7:30 PM by President Stephen KE5WCP.

The minutes of the January 14, 2020  meeting were read and approved on a motion by Jim N5JOE and second by Jim KD5KBU.

In the absence of Angie N5MVV,  the Treasurer’s Report was not presented.

Bob WA5ROE reported that a check for $500 had been received from the UltraRun organizers.  Jim KD5KBU also reported that 380 runners had participated in the run, and that no injuries had occurred.  A 50 mile run was added to the race which extended the length of the race day from 4:30 am until 8:00 pm.

Jim KD5KBU reported that  Hammerfest had been moved to Santa Fe New Mexico.  The running  event to be held in the Davis Mountain State Park was still scheduled for March 28-29, 2020 and communication support was needed.

It was discussed that ECHO LINK was being moved to Bill KE5OG residence and should be up and running soon.  The move was required due to the lack of an adequate path to the True Value location.

It was discussed that SKYWARN Training was scheduled on March 24th.  In the past, SKYWARN has taken the place of the regular BBARC meeting, but it was decided the March meeting was necessary due to the Davis Mountain State Park Race later in March.

The Training Class to be held at a future date was discussed and would be scheduled when needed.

The program was presented by Stephen KE5WCP on the proposed Band Plan changes made necessary by the increased activity of digital amateur radio modes.   

Respectfully Submitted:

Bill Roberts W5NPR