Meeting of March 9, 2021

BBARC Minutes of Meeting

March 9, 2021

The meeting was attended by 19 members and guests.

K5WSA Bill Fort Davis

K7VEN Art Fort Davis

KA5PVB Chuck Alpine

KB5R Rusty Alpine

KE5KNQ Rob Alpine

KE5WCP Stephen Fort Davis

KG5LMG Marvin Fort Davis

KG5ZIB Judi Fort Davis

KI5ANQ Scott Terlingua

KI5EXF Sharon Alpine

KI5JTB Rachel San Marcos

KI5NEK Jerry Alpine

N5CET Charlie Alpine

N5HYD Doug Fort Davis

N5JOE Jim Alpine

W5JUW Lora Alpine

W5NPR Bill Alpine

WA5ROE Bob Alpine

KI5OKE San Antonio

Due to the Covid-19 virus, the meeting was conducted on 2 meters utilizing the BBARC 2 meter repeater system.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Stephen KE5WCP.  Unfortunately, we lost Stephen almost immediately on the 62 repeater, which had been up and down.  VP Bill W5NPR took over.

The minutes of the February 9, 2021 meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer Angie N5MVV was not present at the meeting.

SkyWarn weather training is Thursday (3-11) at 7:30 and need to use link from email to attend the webinar.

Rusty KB5R reported on the test session last Saturday (3-6) with two new technicians – Matt KI5OQC of Fort Davis and Brad KI5OQB of Terlingua.  Sharon KI5EXF upgraded to general class.  Thanks to the test team VEs Bob W5RHN, Lora W5JUW, and Billy W5NPR.

Rusty KB5R also offered dates 4-17 or 18 or 24 or 25th for the spring fling, the covered dish BBARC party.  Will have an outside area to eat or inside and wear masks.  (Note: the date has been set to the 24th.  Updates will be on the web page and through emails.)

Stephen came back online and had some agenda items from the secretary concerning membership.

Scott KIA5ANQ has information on club membership.  The first is the ARRL Club Membership Verification Report.  We are an ARRL affiliated club and need to maintain a 50% level of dues paying club members that are also verified ARRL members.  The report dated February 23, 2021 has a club ARRL percentage of 59.65%.  The list had 34 ARRL members and 23 expired or not an ARRL member.  The report also has expiration dates of ARRL membership, so the club is able to track these for its members.  The report is done annually, so we are good with ARRL for a year.

The second membership information is the club now begins or renews ARRL memberships through the club.  The web site home page has a PDF file to download and print.  Fill out the form and write a check to the BBARC.  Mail this to the club.  The key is to do this two months in advance of expiration.  The Member page of the web site lists the upcoming expirations.  Soon to expire are KD6KBU, KI5YG, W5NPR, and WA5POK.

The third item is some members have no contact with the club – K5VA, KB5LMB, KM5V, and W5KMC.  We have sent letters, and some were returned with a bad mailing address from the FCC database.  (Note: KB5LMB has been dropped from the list).

Stephen encouraged everyone to pay club dues.  They are are $36 annually starting in January.

Scott KI5ANQ reported on the FCC requirement of registering an email address in their database.  The language seems to be getting stronger about the June 29th deadline.  Every member should check their FCC record for accuracy and add the email address.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:56 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Scott McClanahan KI5ANQ

Author: Scott McClanahan

Bark! Newsletter Editor BBARC Web Site Editor BBARC Secretary 2m Net Controller