2m Net Report April 2021

Our 2 meter net meets EVERY Wednesday at 8:00 PM (local time) on the clubs repeater system network. These are good training grounds for potential 

emergency situations as well as helping new hams in the area to have an easy way to get use to “talking on the radio”!

Our club website (www.bigbendarc.com) has all the information about our 2 meter net. This includes the Net Control members schedule, the “script” 

(supplied only as a guide to insure that the important information is given out weekly – you can use it anyway you see fit) and a list of the recent 

check-in members.

If you have an interest in joining the NET CONTROL STATIONS as an operator, please call me (432/386-8052) or holler during the Wednesday Net. 

We could really use a couple of extra hands to be NCS! The script and “check-in roster” are both posted on the club website for you to download and 

use as a NCS!

The month of  April we had four (4) Wednesday’s, and it went this way:

Date        Check-ins    Net Control Station

Apr 7           28           N5BBJ – Bruce

Apr 14         22           W5RHN – Bob

Apr 21         20           KF5KMA – Dan

Apr 28         25           KA5PVB – Chuck

    monthly total –  95 check-ins


If you don’t have the time to check-in to the net and participate in the round-table discussion, take a minute of your time and check-in as an “in-and-

out” (you’re in for the head count, but not participating in the actual net). ALL participation is appreciated and encouraged!

Echo-Link System check-ins are as follows:

KI5JTB – Rachel from San Marcos, TX. 3 times.

KI5RIC – Ric from Ruidoso, NM. 

KG5HEJ – Al from Terlingua, TX. 3 times

KG5ZHT – Lonny – Van Horn, TX. 2 times.

W5MOX – Jerry,- Alpine, TX 2 times.

KF5RDN – Julianne – Phoenix, AZ. 2 times

KD7CI – Don – San Antonio, TX.

KI5EXF – Sharon – Buda, TX.

I want to specifically thank our six (6) Net Control stations for all of their efforts on behalf of the club’s 2 meter net for the entire year. It just  wouldn’t 

have happened if you were NOT there! Our Net Control Stations are:

KF5KMA – Dan, KG5LMG – Marvin, N5BBJ – Bruce, W5RHN – Bob,  KI5ANQ – Scott and KI5EXF – Sharon.

When you see them, thank them for all their efforts for the 2 meter net.


Chuck Dobbins – KA5PVB 

2 meter Net Manager

Author: Chuck Dobbins

2m Net Manager