The Big Bend Amateur Radio Club is based in Alpine, Texas and covers the entire Big Bend area of West Texas. The club is open to anyone interested in amateur radio activities.  Join us at our monthly meeting or on the air via one of our weekly nets.

Field Day in Progress

The club is operating 1A from the traditional Double Diamond clubhouse location. The club RV will be set up. Meals will be served. To find the club house, drive south on 118 from Alpine about 6 miles. The LA Vista RV park will be on the left and soon a building on the right in the middle of the next big curve. Mailboxes are there, too. Pull into the driveway of this building and the club house is behind it on the highway.

Club members can add to the club QSO count by operating 1D or 1E (emergency power) from home. Our goal is the West Texas Section Award for most contacts by a club. Be sure to include the club name in reporting contacts from 1D and 1E home stations to add to the club count.

Steve is operating on 20 meters with a 40′ tower on the trailer, and the club RV has an inverted V 80 meter antenna.

Club EchoLink Station K5FD-R On The Air

The BBARC EchoLink station K5FD-R is back in operation at a new QTH and has a good, clear signal. Contact Scott KI5ANQ at ki5anq@outlook.com for more information.

June Newsletter

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New Alpine Frequency

Alpine has a new frequency to access the club’s repeater system. It is an odd configuration and is only in test mode at this time, but as we work out the details, we hope we can make it permanent.
The frequency is 446.150 SIMPLEX with 146.2 PL tone. Do note, as you try to program your radios for this frequency, most modern radios may try to use an offset transmit frequency for 446.150. You will likely have to force the SIMPLEX operation.  FULL STORY HERE