The Big Bend Amateur Radio Club is based in Alpine, Texas and covers the entire Big Bend area of West Texas. The club is open to anyone interested in amateur radio activities.  Join us at our monthly meeting or on the air via one of our weekly nets.  Contact us by email.

New or interested members can find information on our New Member page.  The page includes BBARC New Member form and information about dues.  There is also an ARRL Membership form.  Join both with one payment!

Club Created a PayPal Account April 19

PayPal payment is coming to the BBARC web site. Members can pay club dues and ARRL dues online. Nonmembers can express their appreciation for the club with a donation.

ARRL Membership through the Club

Create or renew your ARRL membership through the club, and the club keeps some of the money! This takes about a month, so renewals should be done two months early. Print the ARRL Membership form and mail it to the club with a check payable to BBARC for the membership amount. The club address follows.
1402 N 5th St
Alpine TX 79830-2512

Currently, the club only processes checks, but PayPal is coming soon to pay with credit card online (or PayPal account).

April Newsletter

The Bark, newsletter of the BBARC, is published monthly in PDF format and emailed to over 100 recipients. The latest issue is now available.  You don’t have to be a club member to receive the newsletter. Get added to the distribution list by emailing Scott KI5ANQ.

Club Dues

Dues are $36 per year for individual or individual & spouse. Dues can be mailed to Bob Ward, WA5ROE at the BBARC mailing address:

Big Bend Amateur Radio Club, 1402 North 5th Street, Alpine, Texas 79830 

Dues can also be dropped off at the True Value Hardware store, including cash. Use an envelope with BBARC, your name, and call sign on the front. Ask any employee that you have something to put on Bob’s desk.

FCC Email Requirement

The new email requirement begins June 29. Just like the mailing address, each licensee and applicant must have an email address and respond to messages from the FCC. All license holders need to update their FCC database record with the email address.

ARRL Email Alias

Prepare for the FCC email requirement now with a permanent email address. Many ARRL members have <call sign>@arrl.net as an email alias, which forwards messages to their regular email address. It is easy to set up with Edit Account on your ARRL profile. Make sure your User Name value is set to your call sign.

Last update 4-25-2021