The Big Bend Amateur Radio Club is based in Alpine, Texas and covers the entire Big Bend area of West Texas. The club is open to anyone interested in amateur radio activities.  Join us at our monthly meeting or on the air via one of our weekly nets.  Contact us by email.

New Members and Visitors

New or interested members can find information on our New Member page.  The page includes BBARC New Member form and information about dues.  There is also an ARRL Membership form.  Join both with one payment!  Donations to club can be made through our PayPal page.  Visitors to the Big Bend should try the 2m repeaters and participate in our 2m net.  The repeaters also have EchoLink access.  Sign up for the club’s monthly newsletter.

Susan Roberts KB5LMB Has Died

Sue was born in England (1944) and came to Marathon in 1966 to work for Gage Holland.  Within a few weeks, she met Ike Roberts, cousin of Billy W5NPR, and the two had a long and full life in the Marathon area working on the Catto-Gage Ranch.  Ike is a regular contributor to the BBARC Field Day, running the BBQ pit at the front door of the Calamity Palace.  Sue was a BBARC member and held an advanced FCC license.  Read more about Sue in the Alpine Avalanche.

Winter Field Day January 29 1pm CST

The Winter Field Day is a 24-hour event similar to Field Day.  Some BBARC members are ready to work contacts and submit their log files.  Members can operate at home as class “1H” making the event exchange “1H WTX” for station class and region abbreviation.  Be sure to create a Cabrillo log file with Club “BIGBENDARC” exactly that in the log file.  Turn in log files to the club (more information later) and they will be combined for submission.  Charlie N5CET is the organizer.  Here is a sign up list to get on the email list for participating.  Web site is winterfieldday.com.  Download the rules from the BBARC website.  This is not an ARRL event.

Next Meeting February 8th

The next club meeting is scheduled for February 8th, 7:30pm at the Alpine American Legion Hall, 306 W Sul Ross Avenue.  President Charlie N5CET will preside over the meeting.  The Field Day Report discussion is one topic of the meeting.

BBARC PayPal Payment

Pay for club dues, ARRL membership, or make donations. 

November Newsletter

The Bark, newsletter of the BBARC, is published monthly in PDF format and emailed to over 100 recipients. Sign up for the club’s monthly newsletter.

Last update 12-19-2021