146.820 Christmas Mountain back to normal

An intrepid team of volunteers led by Doug, N5HYD trekked to the top of Christmas Mountain near Terlingua and Big Bend National Park to replace the emergency 145.23 repeater that had been in temporary service there. Bill W5ATO, Chuck KG5BMK and Scott KI5ANQ enjoyed fine weather and scenic views throughout their mission.

Thanks to these volunteers for all they do!

Christmas Mountain Recon Trip

12 Aug 2017
Repair Trip – Site Went Down During Storm
  • D.C. SYSTEM:
    • Lightning damagr.
    • No LED indications on Sunsaver SS-20L-12V #08151515 Charge Controller. Unit later showed failure of open circuit during continuity test of points 3 to 1 to 5. These are the negative terminals points and should all show continuity to each other. Replaced with Sunsaver ss-20L012V #09499269?
    • 2 or 3 solar panels fried. Only had time to remove all but one working panel from system. 1.7 amps into 4.0 VDC
    • Batteries at 4.0 Vdc. Up to 4.5 or so after hooking up one panel.
    • Replace multiple adapters at Duplexer to antenna coax junction with a UHF-F to N-M.
  • SITE:
    • Posted license.
    • Left with batteries slowly charging and hoping the site may come on-line while we lick our wounds.