BBARC Station K5FD-R Alpine

Welcome October 5th

EchoLink now has its own page on the BBARC web site. This page will change dramatically, so check back regularly.

Station Logs

The station logs are derived from the two log files that the EchoLink server maintains. As the scripts evolve, more features and information will be in different station logs. The initial log contains daily records of call signs connecting to our server.

Daily User Connects

The first logs created. Begins when the station moved to KI5ANQ in 2020.




Top Users


By Call Sign Total Connect Time and Dates Connected

About the K5FD-R Server

The server runs on an old laptop directly connected by Ethernet cable to the router. Intenet connection is fiber with 50/100 Mbps download/upload speeds. There is a USB radio interface to a Motorola radio. A yagi antenna points at Elephant Mountain (02 repeater) with clear line of sight about 16 miles away.

Station Manager

KI5ANQ Scott