Ultra Run

The Ultra Run uses BBARC volunteers to man aid stations for communications.

Jim KD5KBU is the BBARC volunteer manager and net control.

The race begins at 5:30am and ends at 9pm.

There is a sign up list.

Cycle Fest

Cycle Fest is a two day event based at the Prude Ranch near Fort Davis.  This is a fun bicycle ride.  BBARC members provide communications at the five aid stations and mobile.  The first day is the Davis Mountains 75-mile loop.  The second day rides from Prude Ranch to the observatory and back.

ARRL Field Day Set Up

Radio and antenna rigging begin at 1pm and continue until Field Day begins Saturday at 1pm.

Field Day Site Work Day

Mow, clean the kitchen, clean the bathrooms, clean the club house floor, and arrange the furniture.  Bring cleaning products, paper towels, and brooms.