Field Day 2021

BBARC Members Can Pay for Field Day Meals with PayPal

The BBARC PayPal Payment page now has buttons for the two meal plans.


Field Day is June 26 and 27 (Saturday and Sunday).
June 25th is site preparation for the Double Diamond Club House.
Members are camping on site, so Saturday and Sunday begin early with breakfast. Official Field Day Operations begin at 1pm Saturday and end at 1pm Sunday.


The Double Diamond Club House is on Hwy 118 south of Alpine about 6 miles. After crossing the Big Hill, LA Vista RV Park is on the left and the Double Diamond club house a little farther on the right. Take a right at the double diamond steel sign and look for the building, antennas, and vehicles set off from the highway and behind the building on the highway. Here is a map to the location.


Bill W5NPR and Scott KI5ANQ did the landscaping last Friday. Mike WA5POK and Cheryl KM4TYV hosed down the tables and floors inside the building on Friday.

The Valentine’s Day freeze did a number on the plumbing. Only a faucet on the SE corner is working. This should be fixed by Friday.

The GOTA station has certificates to give to participants.

A Club Information Table will be on the west wall with John Wayne and Roy Rogers. Handouts for visitors and members will be available. BBARC decals will be for sale. A Visitor’s Log is encouraged for guests to leave comments and email address for the club newsletter or interest in getting an FCC license.

Operating Plan

To have two 2A stations emergency power.

Charlie N5CET will operate the GOTA (Get On The Air) station. This station will be in the NW corner on the north wall. Youth that participate receive a certificate.

Dave N5DO will operate CW along with Mike WA5POK.

Steve KI5YG will operate SSB.

K3’s on all stations to eliminate interference.

We Eat.

Meals include Friday and Saturday dinner, Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch. $40 for couples, $30 for singles. The BBARC PayPal Payment page now has buttons for the two meal plans.

Member Obligations

To notify the club 10 days in advance about food participation.

Bring a 12-pack or case of water or soda for the community cooler.

Bring own adult beverages, maybe extras, too.


CW – 2X
Digital – 2X