Field Day 2022

last updated 6-29-2022


June 29 — Preliminary report of Field Day results is available.

Field Day Site Map

June 13 — Station log sheets are here. Use these for operating, then type them into the computer afterwards. Includes instructions. Here are the region codes. If not US or Canada, then region is DX and class is DX. We also have a reference sheet for the phonetic alphabet.


Field Day was June 25 and 26 (Saturday and Sunday).

Field Day Duties

Here is the latest version of the Field Day Duties by Charlie N5CET.


The Double Diamond Club House is on Hwy 118 south of Alpine about 6 miles. After crossing the Big Hill, LA Vista RV Park is on the left and the Double Diamond club house a little farther on the right. Take a right at the double diamond steel sign and look for the building, antennas, and vehicles set off from the highway and behind the building on the highway. Here is a map to the location.