The Big Bend Amateur Radio Club offers exams for Amateur Radio Licenses at all three levels – Technician, General, and Extra.

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Exam sessions are on demand, so candidates need to contact the VEC exam administrator, Bill K5WSA. Bill’s information is at the end of this page.

Exams are given during Field Day. Expect Saturday, June 25th to be the date of the exam.

The FCC requires registration and an idetification number, called an FRN, before attending an exam. Topic 5 FCC Registration is about acquiring an FRN. If you already have an FRN, for amateur radio or another service, you can use the same number. Once you have an FRN, please contact the BBARC V.E. Liaison Bill K5WSA so we can schedule your Amateur Radio Exam.

Exams normally take place at the American Legion Hall in Alpine, 306 W Sul Ross Ave.

Discover Ham Radio Through These Topics!

1. What is Ham Radio?

2. How to become a Ham Operator

3. Ham Radio License Exam Practice

4. Amateur Radio License exam Questions

5. FCC Registration

6. What to Bring to an ARRL Exam Session

7. FCC Application Fee Instructions

8. RF Safety

9. Resources for the Disabled

BBARC VEC Exam Administrator

Bill K5WSA is the BBARC exam administrator. Definitely contact Bill so he knows who has interest in testing. Watch this web site for announcements and more information.

Contact Bill K5WSA via email – 
or phone 432-426-0317 and please leave a message.

For more information on becoming a licensed amateur radio operator, visit the ARRL licensing site.

Special thanks to Maty Weinberg, KB1EIB of ARRL for allowing the BBARC to copy some of their licensing information.

Last updated 2-10-2023