2m Net Script


Welcome to the Big Bend Amateur Radio Club’s 2 meter Wednesday evening net.

This is (call sign) and my name is (name).

This is a registered net and the net manager is Chuck Dobbins – KA5PVB.

Is there any priority or emergency traffic before we begin our net?

The purpose of the net is to check the operation of the repeater system equipment, your station’s equipment and to provide a weekly round-table for news and information.

All of our repeaters are set to standard offsets, BUT do require a 146.2 sub-audile PL tone to be encoded on your transmit signal in order to access the repeaters.

This is an open net and we always look forward to welcoming visiting stations.

This is a directed net, so please direct traffic through Net Control. We will give permission to go “station to station” direct, but please request it through net control.

We will start with a roll call taking “in-and-out” and Mobile check ins first, then we will go to each repeater. If you’re not sure when to check-in, feel free to check-in at any time.
After the check-ins we will move to the round-table.

Net Control will pause between transmissions for priority or emergency traffic and we encourage everyone to do the same.

Our repeaters all have a 3-minute time out timer, so be aware of this during the round-table.

At this time I will pause to let the repeaters reset and allow for any priority or emergency traffic.

(You can check-in by repeaters in any sequence you wish. They are listed in numerical sequence here except for the emergency repeater)

146.620 – Located at Mc Donald Observatory, serving Fort Davis
and the Davis Mountain Resort.
146.720 – Located on Pierce Mountain in Sunny Glen and serving Alpine.
146.820 – On Christmas Mountain – serving Terlingua, Study Butte,
Big Bend National Park and Lajitas.
146.920 – In the Glass Mountains and serving Fort Stockton, Marathon,
US Highway 67 North, Monahans, Pecos, and Odessa.
147.020 – Located on Elephant Mountain and the systems hub station
serving State Hwy 118 South of Alpine.
147.120 – Cibolo Creek serving Shafter, Presidio and Southern
Presidio County.
145.230 – Club’s Emergency Repeater.

Are there any other check-ins before we go to the Round-Table?

(If you have a topic and/or question for the round-table place it here)

We will now begin the Round-Table…. (generally begin at the top of the list and work down, so you don’t leave anyone out of the discussion).

After the Round-table is completed….
Are there any LATE check-ins ONLY at this time? Come with your
call-sign now!

Are there any RECHECKS? Come with your call-sign.

Are there any more late checks or rechecks before we close the net?

We want to thank everyone for their participation in tonight’s 2 meter net, we now return the repeater system back to normal operation.
This is (call-sign) signing clear.


key system and enter 962 << silence Hector announcements
key system and enter 961 << re-enable “146.2PL in use” message