Big Bend Emergency Net Script

CQ CQ this is the Big Bend Emergency Net.

This is a registered net meeting every Sunday morning at 08:15 central time on 3922 kHz. This is <your call sign> net control.

This is a roll call net with a round table following roll call. If you can’t stay for the round table please ask to be excused during roll call. Visiting stations will be asked to check in following roll call.

If emergency conditions exists in the Big Bend Trans-Pecos area of Texas, then stations are asked to monitor this frequency.

This net also serves as a section net for the WTX section of the ARRL. Any questions, concerns or announcements for the WTX section can be brought to this net.

Is there any priority traffic for the net? Are there any mobile or qrp stations wishing to check in?

Start roll call…