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Welcome to Ham radio in the Big Bend area. This page is for anyone interested in ham radio or joining the club.

Ham radio exploration can begin with the Amateur Radio Relay League. The BBARC is an affiliated club, and most of our members are ARRL members. The ARRL has license manuals, and their VEC program runs the exams. The BBARC has a VEC.

If you wish to join the BBARC, we have a New Member form to print, fill out, and mail with dues to the BBARC mailing address. Pay by PayPal or send a check payable to the BBARC for $36 to the address below. BBARC dues are paid annually in Jaunary.

1402 N 5th St
Alpine TX 79830-2512

The BBARC also handles ARRL membership and renewals. Print the ARRL Membership Renewal form, fill it out, and mail with a check to the BBARC address above. Both BBARC and ARRL membership can be paid with one check. ARRL payments can also be done with PayPal.

Club memberhip requires an FCC license, but the ARRL does not. If you just took the Technician exam, wait for your call sign and then submit the club membership form. ARRL membership provides for discounts when purchasing books, and they have regular sales.

If you have any questions, contact the club secretary Scott KI5ANQ.

How to Get Started in the BBARC

The club members live mostly in Brewster, Pecos, Jeff Davis, and Presidio Counties. The club maintains six 2m repeaters that cover these counties. Basically, every Ham operator out here has a 2m radio. Simplex is not used much, but the 2m repeaters are used extensively by club members and visitors, plus EchoLink access. The first step by new hams is 2m radio, and the Big Bend has a great repeater system to get started.

The next step is to participate in the 2m net on Wednesday nights at 8:00pm on the 2m repeaters. A list of most Ham operators in the area is found on the Networks page as the 2m Roster.

You will want to participate in monthly club meetings, held at the Alpine American Legion Hall, 306 W Sul Ross Ave. The meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm.

EchoLink is something else to try. Our station is K5FD-4 Alpine.

Once a member, you will have access to the Member page. This page contains information about the club and members.

Last edited 3-13-2022