The Big Bend Amateur Radio Club maintains a wide area, linked repeater system covering most of the Big Bend area of west Texas.

Donations to the BBARC are greatly appreciated and help maintain the repeater system.  A tax deductible gift can be mailed to 1402 N 5th Str, Alpine TX 79830.

Repeater map
BBARC Repeater Coverage

All standard offsets.
All repeaters require 146.2 Hz PL tone encoded on your transmit signal.
All repeaters are linked.

147.120+ Shafter, Cibolo Creek
147.020+ Elephant Mt. south of Alpine. System hub
146.620- Ft. Davis located at McDonald Observatory
146.720- Alpine, Pierce Mountain
146.820- Terlingua
146.920- Glass Mountains, Alpine / Ft. Stockton
145.230- Emergency Repeater

West Texas Repeaters

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