Last update March 3, 2023

What Is WinLink

WinLink is basically email that has special forms used to report emergency information. A good example is the Did You Feel It form for earthquakes, which asks a bunch of questions about effects of an earthquake and personal impressions of experiencing it.

A major part of WinLink is location – grid square or even better lat/lon. The grid square method just uses the center lat/lon of the grid square. Sending the form to a central person, they can map the reports and color code them by various criteria, say loss of grid power. Let’s say the central person is at the EOC. As reports come in, a big screen can show the map with colored pushpins and give the center an idea of troubled areas requiring boots on the ground response.

Who Does WinLink?

The Member page Totals table has two entries for WinLink – HF capable operators and Telenet capable operators. As you reach these milestones, send Scott KI5ANQ an email to add you to the list.

Getting Started

The first step is to get a Windows computer (recommend Windows 10 Pro) and connect it to the internet.

Go to the Wave Talkers WinLink Resources page and scroll down to the numbered blue bars. The first bar is Getting Started. On the right side of the bar is Install. Select that, and content will expand below the blue bar. Watch the video and there is some helpful text below. Now you know how this page works with the blue bar menus and watching videos.

When you finish the Install part, select the big red X below the blue bar to close the Install content, otherwise, it keeps expanding the other content and gets confusing to navigate.

Next is the Account content. Follow those instructions.

Then the Update content. Go through that. WinLink checks for updates each time you open the application.

The next blue bar is Compose. Select Messages to create your first message and send something to Charlie N5CET. Only put his call sign in the To field.

That’s it, you have WinLink running and Charlie knows.

You will need to take Charlie’s class to learn about the templates and more.

WinLink Tuesday

WinLink Tuesday is an exercise with ARRL WTX section run by Lew Maxwell KB5HPT.

Check this web site for specific information about the current exercise.

Here is a document to get you started with WinLink Tuesday.


Here is a document with practice groups for WinLink traffic and forms.